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Dürnleis – The Kellergasse as a place to fall in love with

Dürnleis – The Kellergasse as a place to fall in love with

Anyone who knows cellar lane guide Ilse Gritsch knows that she loves getting people together and giving them a good time. That’s why on Saturday, July 8, she invites you to a one-cellar tour of the Royal Crypt Corridor at Durnlei. She’s having a little party with this one, since it’s already Kellergassen’s fifth singles run, which always happens on Kiss Day.

“When the cellar lane tours started, a gentleman from Hollabrunn called me. Kammersdorfer said he would like to come to the Kellergassen tour, but he’s alone and wants to know if it matters,” says Kammersdorfer, remembering how the idea came about. She is convinced: “If you can go anywhere alone, it’s up to Kellergasse.” Because there is always someone to toast him.

“It’s always quiet, people must have an afternoon”

And so, the following year, she invited her to her first solo cellar tour on Kiss Day. You didn’t expect this show to be so well received. “It’s not easy for people to go somewhere on their own,” Gretsch teaches. But they dared, the tour was a success. “I made a lot of friendships,” she says. Because the emotional basement lane guides are still in touch with each other.

“Of course there are no young disco fleas, but there are people in their prime,” she writes of her audience. There was also an 80-year-old man who liked to flirt with the ladies. What about the male share? “So far, half has been half,” Gretsch wonders to himself that there are always so many men there.

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It’s important to her that no one is intimidated by active couples here: “It’s always relaxing, people get to know other people and spend an afternoon together.” And this afternoon after the walk through Kellergasse in Heurigen Müllner always looks best Weinviertel style.

Round 5 in the singles vault on July 8th:

  • Meeting point: 3 p.m. at the start of the Dürnleiser Kellergasse (behind the warehouse)
  • Registration and information from Ilse Gritsch: 0664/73313306 or [email protected]
  • Cost per person: 13 euros – in addition to a lot of information and a good mood, there is a welcome frisante, wine tasting and walnut bread