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Energy transition – these companies in Lower Austria are shaping the future

Energy transition – these companies in Lower Austria are shaping the future

WORTHINGTON INDUSTRIES: Production of tanks for hydrogen buses and hydrogen trucks

The American group Worthington Cylinders, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of steel cylinders for oxygen or industrial gases, has invested ten million euros at its site in Lower Austria in Kienberg near Gaming to be able to produce high-pressure composite containers there. They are very light and highly pressure-resistant plastic containers, used as tanks for hydrogen-powered vehicles, especially in buses and trucks.

Worthington is already supplying containers up to five meters long to the first major customers, such as the Belgian company Van Hool, which uses its hydrogen buses in the Cologne and Wuppertal region. A hydrogen tank is sufficient for a range of 300 to 350 kilometers.

EATON INDUSTRIES: Producing flexible energy systems for the future, specializing in smart meters

The energy transition is already happening in different areas – from heating, lighting, energy storage and transportation to microgrids and smart grids. The building sector must also change if the energy transition can be successfully implemented. Eaton (located at Schrems in Waldviertel) is at the forefront of the energy transition by facilitating the integration of renewable energy, energy storage and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

The Everything as a Grid approach is shaping a future where homeowners and businesses can reduce their energy costs and environmental impact. Flexible and intelligent power supply offers new possibilities for everyone.

WELSER PROFILE: Production of supports for photovoltaic panels that enable the installation of various photovoltaic systems on roofs, facades, balconies and lawns in Austria

Weight-optimized support profiles without expansion joints, large spans despite high loads, lower design, production and assembly costs, weather-resistant materials or a combination of all – the company has the knowledge and production options to individually and precisely transform requirements into profile components.

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The largest floating photovoltaic system in Central Europe is being built in Grafenwörth. The steel frame structure used comes from Welser Profile, based in Ybbsitz. The fact that the sections naturally float in water places high demands on the corrosion resistance of the products. Power generation and environmental technology coils feature optimal material selection, maximum wear resistance and the tightest tolerances in straightness, torsion and strength.

WÜSTERSTROM: Produces 100 percent sustainable electricity from hydroelectric and solar power

Today, the fifth-generation family company operates three small hydropower plants with a total output of about 3.2 MW and a photovoltaic system of about 250 kilowatts. As a grid operator, wüsterstrom (headquartered in Ybbs/Donau) supplies the city of Ybbs and its surroundings, supplying approximately 4,000 customers with electricity from renewable energy. In 2014, wüsterstrom was the first utility company in Austria to use innovative smart meters, offering customers the opportunity to view their electricity consumption values ​​easily and clearly on an encrypted web portal.