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"Error and Manipulation": After "Die Alm" - Aus - Katharina empties

“Error and Manipulation”: After “Die Alm” – Aus – Katharina empties

Katharina Eisenblut found clear words after leaving “Die Alm”. Photo: ProSieben

‘Die Alm’: Settlement with Ioannis – Katharina Eisenblut unpacks her bags after her voluntary exit

Katharina Eisenblut became famous this year through “DSDS”, but achieved rather dubious fame: she announced her voluntary departure several times on the cast of the cast, only to remain. In the end, the jury reappointed her Dieter Bohlen Refusal. Now she can also be seen in “Die Alm” and indeed: in the first episode, she wanted to pack her bags early after a struggle with Ioannis Amanatidis, and tears flowed again. At least for “DSDS” experts, this was not surprising.

But this time, she made her declaration really true: In episode two, she drew the line after having trouble again with Ioannis. in one Interview With “Celebrities and more‘ she said later, and in particular did not leave the native Greek with good hair.

“The World”: Katrina goes up against Ioannis

In the latest version of “Die Alm” there was a hug between Katharina and Ioannis. However, the situation actually escalated again at the nomination ceremony when the 31-year-old said, “Of course I’ll nominate you. We won’t be friends here anymore.” This was definitely too much for the pop star. Looking back, Katharina explains this moment:

Katharina and Eunice clashed early in the season. Photo: ProSieben

She seemed to really believe in reconciliation, but she was wrong. In an interview, the former “DSDS” candidate accused her “Die Alm” rival of playing the wrong game:I find it wrong and manipulative, nothing will change that. He is a very good actor.”It’s raging.

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Allegedly, other “Die Alm” participants have now contacted Katharina by phone and apologized – “because they’ve seen this behavior now too,” she adds regarding Ioannis.

The service technician became known in 2020 by “The Bachelorette”, as he eventually made an unsuccessful campaign for Melissa’s heart, although he was a longtime favourite. Katharina suspects that Evans’ affair intentions were only pretended on this program and strikes the following blow: “I think his success is the most important thing for him. He is the founder of many companies and he is also the managing director and is probably very successful. . I think he’s out for his own profit and that in general he just makes sure to stay on TV for as long as possible.

Die pain – Aws because of Ioannis

Finally, the 27-year-old once again clarified that Ioannis was the reason for her departure from ‘Die Alm’. “I knew that even if I hadn’t been voted and that’s really true, a lot of people wouldn’t have voted for me, So I knew he would keep killing me. And the more stuff I gave him, the more he broke me. And he can do that. he can People intentionally destroy.‘, she says frankly in ‘Celebrities and More’.

However, it also showed that the basic orientation of coordination wasn’t 100 percent perfect for her. “That’s fake, I don’t like it. Sure, it’s a game, but I don’t like that kind of game, filtering people and voting on them, I don’t like it,” she criticizes the system in “Die Pain.”

By the way, on the show, Katarina claimed that from now on she would not want to appear on television and would also give up her music career. Whether she actually succeeded in this is questionable, after all, she is known for her quick oratory shots in emotional moments. Meanwhile, Ioannis can also be seen in the third episode of the current season of “Die Alm”.

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