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“EU Enlargement Increases Dependence on US”

“EU Enlargement Increases Dependence on US”

study An influential think tank warns of Europe’s enlargement dilemma: Ukraine, Moldova and the Western Balkans joining the EU because of Russia’s aggression has no alternative, but is currently unlikely.

Brussels. Greater inequality between Europe’s regions, a drastic increase in the EU budget, an even greater security policy dependence on the US – but still no realistic alternative: a few days before the meeting of EU heads of state and government in Granada, which is a decision on the issue of a fundamental enlargement policy, an important Brussels The think-tank warns of fundamental consequences of enlargement of the Union. Europe’s governments “face the dilemma of having to deal with a goal that is both necessary and impossible,” conclude the authors of the Brussels Institute for Geopolitics. “Faced with the demands and hopes of Kiev, Chisinau or Tirana, that they should open the door to the union, they can’t — at least not yet.”

A recent statement by Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal illustrates the EU’s dilemma. “I am convinced that within two years we will be fully and completely ready to be part of the European Union,” Schmihal said in an interview with “Politico” news magazine published on Friday.

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