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Excitement about the short film: Christian Kern, Michael Nickbash and co clearly feel betrayed

Excitement about the short film: Christian Kern, Michael Nickbash and co clearly feel betrayed

On September 9, “KURZ – The Film” will be shown in cinemas in Austria. Now there is excitement about the heroes: they are lured into interviews under false pretenses. Director Sascha Kollenreitner adamantly denied this for PULS 24.

Two films will be released in September about former chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP). “Short – the movie” It caused a stir in advance because of its marketing.

Now there is turmoil again, because in “Kors” there will be interviews with the former chancellor himself, as well as interviews with (former) journalists and politicians. On Sunday, some of them stated that they were recruited as heroes of the film under false pretenses.

On behalf of the broadcast service?

For example, former consultant Christian Kern (SPÖ) believes the film was an “international co-production on behalf of a broadcaster”, as reported by Heot. Kern also confirmed this to PULS 24. The movie is now coming to cinemas after all.

“At the time of most of the interviews, it looked as if the film was going to be shown first on one of the major channels,” director Sascha Kollenreitner admitted in an interview with PULS 24. But the Negotiations are still going onIt reportedly ran for a very long time in the end, which is why the decision was made to release it in cinemas.

“It’s a completely normal habit. It starts as a TV movie and ends perfectly in a cinemaKollenreitner explained.

Barely short as an interview subject?

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But there is also criticism of recruiting for interviews. Stephanie Crispr (NEOS) be for “A documentary about the events of Austrian politics in recent years, with a special focus on Sebastian Kurz. On the list of questions I sent her earlier, Curtis wasn’t a problem.

It’s a “beautiful piece of clothing,” journalist Michael Nikbakhsh told PULS 24.

Director Kollenreiter is clear I was surprised by the allegations. Prior to that, he had long conversations with all the film’s protagonists about the film and stated that “Sebastian Cortez’s political time” should be the film’s theme. With regard to the list of questions, he stated that it only covered a “framework” of “what the interview should be about”.

In fact, the interviews not only talked about Sebastian Kurz as a person, but also about the “popularization of the media”, the U Committee or the changes in policy in the past ten years. Because of Sebastian Kurz’s time has many facets“And it’s important, too,” Kollenreitner says, explaining a wide range of topics.

Director: “Nowhere near Sebastian Corts”

However, Kollenreitner recognizes that marketing can give the impression that the film can be a one-sided report. The situation will also be more difficult due to the fact that none of the heroes have yet seen the movie.

But the director stresses that the film is not one-sided. which is who “A filmmaker’s perspective, not a political consultant’s”. He wanted to paint “a critically differentiated portrait of one of the most polarizing politicians of our time”.

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Kollenreitner also emphasized several times that Kollenreitner is highly critical of the former chancellor out of his personal conviction, and has nothing to do with his ideology or policies.