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“External influence”: Finland reported gas pipeline damage

“External influence”: Finland reported gas pipeline damage

According to Helsinki, the damage to the pipeline transporting gas from Estonia to Finland may have been caused by “external influences.” Finnish President Sauli Niinistö said today: “The damage to both the gas pipeline and the communications cable was likely the result of external influences.”

The pipeline, which carries gas from Estonia to Finland, was closed on Sunday due to low pressure.

Graphics: APA/ORF

Prime Minister Petri Urbu said at a press conference in Helsinki that according to a preliminary assessment, the damage could not be explained by normal use or pressure fluctuations. The leak is likely due to external influences.

The Finnish Criminal Investigation Department opened an investigation into the incident. When asked if there was any reason to suspect Russian involvement, Orbo dodged the question. The most important thing is that the matter be investigated properly. We live in difficult times, but there is no reason to worry.

Repairing the pipeline will now take several months, officials estimated at the press conference. Deputy Chief of the Finnish Border Guard, Markku Hasinen, reported serious damage to the pipe. The damage appears to have been caused by an external factor. This information was transferred to the criminal police.

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