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Filming of Netflix's Boring Mail in Oberngasse

Filming of Netflix’s Boring Mail in Oberngasse

Lyman, known for action movies like “The Bourne Identity” with Matt Damon or “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, also took the time to talk and take pictures with fans. “There is a taxi scene being filmed here,” a staff member on the set explains. It is said that there will be a fight in the car. On the roof of the car you can see a man – in the armchair and steering wheel. He controls the car from the roof while the scene is being filmed in the car.

Then the police cars boarded – then a retinue of additional cars and a nearly empty tour bus followed. The director rides the last car. Gives important stage directions.

Filming will continue at night from Tuesday to Wednesday near the Corp Café. There should be more Netflix series scenes on fire.

The American media revealed that the series will consist of 8 parts of one hour each. It is not yet clear when the series will be available on Netflix. Part of the series has already been filmed in Montreal, Canada.

According to American media, the series also features actors Sebastian Pollack (known from the X-Men), Fivel Stewart (known from The Witch Hunt – The Hansel & Gretel Story, Pit Fighter and Atypical), and Vondie Curtis-Hall (known from The Prince Zamunda) or newcomer Daniel Quincy Anoh.

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