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Final Fantasy 16 boss battles are causing some PS5 consoles to overheat

Final Fantasy 16 boss battles are causing some PS5 consoles to overheat

On various social media platforms, gamers have reported that their PS5 has simply turned off.


some Final Fantasy 16Recently, players have complained that PS5– Consoles in boss battles in the new version Square Enix-The hottest RPG. Final Fantasy 16 features a lot of great boss fights, so this is a very serious issue for fans who are eagerly awaiting the new game and are now worried that their consoles might overheat during the most intense stages of gameplay.

Final Fantasy 16 was one of the most anticipated RPGs of 2023. Since Final Fantasy 15 was released in 2016, most gamers have been very curious about the direction the next installment of the franchise will take. The game promised a dark story and gameplay that should be more action-oriented than the previous parts. The result is that Final Fantasy 16 doesn’t look like FF15 at all, which is good news for fans who wanted an entirely different experience.

Twitter is full of gamers reporting overheating consoles

However, shortly after launch, many gamers noticed it during the most intense battles in the game Final Fantasy 16 overheated It’s not hard to find examples of dissatisfied gamers on social media.

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For example, a user named “UrAverageJoe” states that they always keep their console clean. However, while playing FF16, his PlayStation 5 shut down without warning and he’s not the only one with this problem.

Unfortunately, these are not the only recent cases of overheating issues on Sony consoles. Since launch, there have been other instances of PS5 consoles getting dangerously hot, including a fairly well-known case where the PS5 was shut down at Best Buy due to overheating during a show. There is a possibility that the new patches will improve the performance of FF16 on Sony console and give players a better experience.

Despite these overheating issues, Final Fantasy 16 received mostly positive reviews. Critics praised the game’s world-building, dark and realistic story, and fast-paced gameplay reminiscent of action games. The game currently has one on Metacritic Rating 88 Most of them are positive.

Final Fantasy 16 is available for PS5.