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FM4 Happy Hour: ‘Shippin’ Killer’ with David Shedd

FM4 Happy Hour: ‘Shippin’ Killer’ with David Shedd

David Shedd’s live rap on his monthly FM4 Happy Hour show is already legendary. Here you can see all of our previous live raps!

Every Wednesday from 7pm to 8pm on FM4

David Shedd is a satirist, DJ, rapper, and folk hero of his mockumentary “Dave.” Season 2 will be streaming soon on ORF 1!

On FM4 he is a guest on Eva Deutsch’s FM4 Happy Hour once a month. “Mörder Scheiben” is the name of his fast-paced comedy DJ Mix, in which he records his favorite tracks on vinyl and raps live to the radio every time. For example, about superglue, or Austrian politicians, or Gruffalo. Here we collect for you all the live rap songs of David Shedd.

The next “Mörder Scheiben” happy hour offering will be on November 15. And December 13th!

“Heat will not have coffee.” (Original: “Heite Gross Ma Dead Out”, Voodoo Jürgens)

In keeping with the “climate activism” theme, David rapped “superglue Transport Ban” live.

Live rap from David Shedd about Sebastian Kurz and his brothers.

Feat “A Krügerl A Glaserl”. Heinrich Himalaya (original by Gerhard Brunner)

Davids simply goes through the table of contents for his cabaret show.

What is David Shedd’s rap? (Original: “Rap Ist” by Max Herre feat. MoTrip, Afrob, Samy Deluxe, Megalo and many more.)

Instead of a live rap, a live scratch from David Shedd about pouring wine.

David raps about Buwog, Workflow, and Heinz Grasser. (Original: Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio)