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45 years of Kunsthaus Artes – 45 years of art history » Leadersnet

45 years of Kunsthaus Artes – 45 years of art history » Leadersnet

| Gerhard Kreispel

| October 19, 2023

In 2023, ARTES will celebrate its 45th birthday. Reason enough to reflect on the past half century.

As part of the 45th anniversary, the exhibition halls were expanded, doubling the exhibition space in the beautiful Wilhelminian-style house. A large exhibition will be held, including more than 120 artworks by more than 50 artists. Paintings, installations, sculptures and reproductions are on display in the special exhibition “45 Years of Kunsthaus Art”. These include holdings from the classical modernism of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Erich Haeckel, Max Liebermann, and Emil Nolde, among others, as well as from contemporary and famous positions such as Stefan Strahlhall, Cornelia Schimelli, Georg Baselitz, Gerhard Richter, Günther Uecker, and Neu Rauch. And Tony Cragg.

The exhibition concludes with works by young artists from the ARTS programme, including Christian Uwe, Marion Eichmann, Willy Sieber, Caroline Kroes, Winnie Seifert, Lars Teichmann, Dagmar Vogt, Wolfgang Vlad, and Ruri Matsumoto.

The exhibition “45 Years of Kunsthaus Artes” can be viewed until November 11, 2023.

Arts Berlin
August 19th Street
10117 Berlin

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