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FM4 releases the week

FM4 releases the week

New music this week from Pressyes, Großstadtgeflüster, Coi Leray and Casper with Cro. Vote for who should enter the FM4 schedules next week!

By Gerald Holler

Pressyes – “Crystal Blue Water”

Austrian musician and producer Rene Muhlbacher aka. Pressyes is a welcome guest on the FM4 charts. For the past four years, “Prince of Summer Vibes” has been in our Top 25 with seven (!) number one singles. Number eight has the beautiful name “Crystal Blue Water”. For the song, Muhlbacher borrowed the steel drum from his longtime friend and former bandmate Kurti Jones, who sadly passed away too early in 2015. The tribute to the drummer and steel drummer, highly regarded in the Austrian music scene, is an invitation to explore the world and learn more about ourselves from it. :

No, we cannot learn from nothing
So I go out to find out who I am
What was there before
Long before you see my eyes

Big City Whispers – “Ike”

Simple rhythm + simple lyrics with maximum entertainment and maximum danceability. Although, with a simple BeCat, I’m probably doing Berlin Electropop-Punks Großstadtgeflüster a bit wrong. Because in the last part of the song the organ grinder unloads, the crank turns so fast that everything gets unloaded into the EDM plate after falling. In “Icke” the Berliner Schnauze meets Dada: “Who tames the wolf with mescaline? And is she the pride of West Berlin?” After extensive research I’ve come to the conclusion that this is most likely the singer Jane Bender ;). Leading by the community – that’s definitely the ‘Icke’ message.”My mom’s matching album called “Über-Icke” will be released in February 2024.

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Coi Leray & David Guetta – “Make My Day”

Why do many of the new songs sound so familiar? The magic word is interpolation and it’s a cross between wrappers and samples. Buying song catalogs from acts from decades past in order to make good money by reinterpreting old songs is now more than just a profitable business model. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find out if David Guetta has acquired the rights to the Technotronic classic “Pump Up The Jam” with the small change needed and is now allowed to snack on “Make My Day.” But maybe we all trust him. So, enough against David Guetta. Let’s talk about US rap newcomer Coi Leray, who previously made it into our heavy rotation with the singles “Players” and “My Body.” With the song “Make My Day” from the recently released album “COI”, she started the next assault on the FM4 charts territory. You can decide how high it goes next week.

Casper – “Summer (ft. CRO)”

More than ten years after their first collaborative track “Nie auf” (2012), Casper and CRO have teamed up again and recorded a song that sounds like summer but deals with a theme we like to blame on the cold, gray winter months. Mental health and depression. But even summer, sun and vacation are not a cure for mental illness. If you find yourself in a difficult mental situation or know someone who is in such a crisis, don’t be afraid to seek professional help. the Psychosocial facilities of the federal states will be happy to assist you.

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