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Four percent interest and there is more

Four percent interest and there is more

Sunset in Frankfurt
photo: dpa

Call money and term deposits are becoming more attractive. Now it’s about securing the best interest rates – permanently. but how?

Ht is the European Central Bank (ECB) summer vacation. The ECB tower in Frankfurt is currently deserted, and the building is closed: the electrical systems must be renewed, and construction work will continue until the beginning of September. The European Central Bank has asked its staff to work from home until then if possible. Many of them will prefer to use the time to take extended vacations – a break until the next board meeting on September 14th.

Dennis Kramer

Editor of the “Value” section of the Sunday Frankfurter Allgemeine.

But the summer calm is deceptive. After all, even Christine Lagarde, the president of the European Central Bank, does not know how things will go in September: another rate hike – it will be the tenth in a row – is quite possible as a pause in the interest rate. Lagarde only ruled out lower interest rates for September.

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