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Germany is setting up border controls with the Czech Republic and Poland

Germany is setting up border controls with the Czech Republic and Poland

Additional controls in neighboring countries of the Czech Republic and Poland are aimed at reducing smuggling crimes. Previously, such controls existed only in Bavaria.

German Interior Minister Nancy Weisser (SPD) announced additional measures to combat smuggling crimes on the borders with the Czech Republic and Poland. “In order to stop smugglers, we are now preparing additional controls on our borders with Poland and the Czech Republic,” she told Funke Media Group newspapers (online Monday, print Tuesday).

“We are linking our additional measures very closely to the already intensified niqab inspection in the entire border area.” It is in close contact with its counterparts in the Czech Republic and Poland in order to “take well-coordinated measures.” “My aim is to put maximum investigative pressure on smugglers and protect people who are smuggled across borders in life-threatening conditions, often without water and barely any oxygen,” she said.

Border control in Bavaria has been expanded repeatedly since 2015

Since the fall of 2015, there have been temporary direct border controls in Bavaria – on the border with Austria. They are registered by the Ministry of the Interior with the European Union Commission and are extended each time. As for other border parts, Pfizer has not yet considered that such controls, which should be ordered in Brussels about a month in advance, would be useful. According to reports, selective inspections for specific reasons, for example because there is an ongoing smuggling operation, are also possible without such a request in Brussels.

Poland also announces controls on the Slovak border

Poland also wants to take action against illegal immigration by checking vehicles at the border with Slovakia. “I have instructed the Interior Minister to impose controls there,” Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said at an election campaign event on Monday. Minibuses, vans, cars and buses are affected if there is suspicion that migrants are hiding there. The Slovak statement was not initially available.

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The ruling Law and Justice Party has made immigration a central issue in Poland’s election campaign. She is seeking a third term in the elections that will be held on October 15. At the same time, a referendum will be held on this topic. Slovakia is currently recording a significant increase in the number of immigrants. According to the Ministry of Interior, more than 27,000 illegal immigrants were arrested this year, nine times the number last year. (Abba)