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Going out for "out of the box" lions: South Africa wants to stop the multiplication of hunted prey

Going out for “out of the box” lions: South Africa wants to stop the multiplication of hunted prey

So far only recommendations

“The government has finally adopted recommendations to end the gruesome breeding of gateway hunting lions;” said Audrey Delsink of HSI Africa, “In the future, lions will no longer have to suffer horrific conditions to gain a self-image or reward. Although they are only recommendations so far, they have already spoken of a huge success for the South African Lions.

11,000 lions

According to their estimates, approximately 11,000 lions are raised on more than 260 lion farms across the country.
IFAW also sees reason to celebrate. In a statement, the country director of the International Federation of Women, Neil Greenwood, described it as “one of the worst cases of animal welfare abuse in the modern era,” and emphasized: “It has taken more than 20 years of pressure and horrific deaths for thousands of lions because of pure commercial greed by a government got South Africa Finally Has A Decision That Draws a Line. “

Export awards

Animal rights activists see another problem. While the Washington Convention on Endangered Species bans trade in wild lion bones, captive lions can be exported from South Africa. However, since it is difficult to distinguish the body parts of wild lions from lions, this encourages bone smuggling of lions from the wild in their opinion.

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