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Greta Thunberg shares pro-Palestinian call

Greta Thunberg shares pro-Palestinian call

The 20-year-old climate activist sparked outrage on Instagram: there she shared a pro-Palestinian organisation’s call for a global strike.

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg shared a post from the “Palestine Speaks” organization on her Instagram account. It calls for a global strike on Friday. They want to “put a signal” “against the genocide in Gaza and the oppressive terrorism practiced by many Western countries against everyone who stands in solidarity with Palestine and acts accordingly.” The goal is to put “great pressure on the West to change its racist policies.”

Instagram screenshot

The Instagram account bills itself as “an anti-racist, democratic feminist political movement in Germany for the rights of Palestinians.” He shares many critical contributions to Israel projects, “one-sided media” – and support for the banned demonstrations in Berlin. “Free Palestine from the river to the sea” can be read in the articles. What is meant is the area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, and the slogan is understood as a call for the demise of the State of Israel.

Early in 2021, Thunberg shared a post about the conflict between Israel and Hamas. “It is devastating to follow developments in Jerusalem and Gaza,” she wrote. (bash)

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