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Is Joy Con Stick Drift solved?  A new patent promises hope!

Is Joy Con Stick Drift solved? A new patent promises hope!

Many fans will be happy about this, even if it comes very late.

If a new patent is any indication, it might be Joy-Con Drift Stick With publishing Nintendo Switch 2 It will soon be a thing of the past. The patent highlights technologies that could help prevent the Switch 2 from experiencing the same console problems as the current Nintendo Switch.

There’s been a lot of it lately Rumors about Switch 2Nintendo reportedly showed off the Nintendo Switch 2 behind closed doors. Much about the successor to the portable/console hybrid is currently unknown or just a rumor.

While many fans may have expressed… Graphics and system battery life If you think about it, those who have already had a terrible Joy-Con experience are probably wondering if they’ll encounter the same problem again with the Switch 2.

Screenshot of Joy con patent US Patent and Trademark Office © Nintendo

Will Joy Con Stick Drift finally become history?

a New patent from Nintendo It seems to confirm the existence of new joystick technology that will be introduced in the future Switch2 can be used. The patent shows a joystick that Magnetic fields Instead of physical Contacts user. The new joystick sends a signal to the controller based on the force of magnetic attraction on the joystick, which changes depending on the position of the joystick at a given time.

This would be one Noticeable change Versus the current controllers used in the Nintendo Switch, although some may recognize the patent’s technological concepts.

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from Nintendo The filed patent appears to have similarities to a Hall effect joystick, an existing technology that uses magnets to determine the position the player is pointing at. This type of joystick was, among other things, in one NYXI console Used, some companies have released parts to replace defective components in existing Joy-Cons. Many users have reported that this version of the joystick works as intended.

The main reason for Joy-Con Drift Stick This is believed to be due to exposure to external dust and corrosion of internal components. The current Joy-Con system sends a signal based on physical contact between parts.

The Joy-Cons can also be used in other ways thanks to Bluetooth technology.  - (c) Nintendo

The Joy-Cons can also be used in other ways thanks to Bluetooth technology. – (c) Nintendo

However, it has been found in some disassembly operations that these parts can be damaged enough to become loose Deposits Or one loss in communication between segments, which distorts the signal and makes the system think that input is being made when the controller is not being touched.

It remains to be seen whether Nintendo will get one or not Solution I found a deficiency Joy-Con Drift Stick Guaranteed on the next console. This was likely a top priority for the company, given the problems this issue caused for users and for Nintendo itself.

Nintendo Switch fans They were able to temporarily send their Joy-Cons in for repairs for free, which undoubtedly costs money Nintendo it causes. Everyone will be happier if the next console works as intended, and it seems like this technology could be a step in the right direction.

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