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Hello oppa!: “Mama Mia!”  Morbech exudes a good mood

Hello oppa!: “Mama Mia!” Morbech exudes a good mood

Sometimes the world is unfair. While colleagues from Römersteinbruch St. Margarethen led to the cancellation of the premiere of “Carmen” on Wednesday during intermission due to a thunderstorm, the day after a gorgeous rainbow appeared over the lake platform in Mörbisch for the ABBA musical “Mamma Mia!”. How fitting, the collection helmed by director Andreas Gergen delivers the best vibe of feeling relaxed in a colorful dress. A stage show that is as beloved as it is curated for the grand stage.

Lake tanker festival with slingshot hit “Mama Mia!” Under the supervision of General Manager Alphonse Haidar, the club is on the road to success with a record number of tickets sold reaching 180,000 tickets. The decision to dock on the Greek musical island with Swedish songs turned out to be spot on. Musical specialist Gergen and Morbisch regular stage designer Walter Vogelweder manages the trick of surprise in the much-staged work, made widely known by the Hollywood film of the same name.

Vogelweider forms a compendium of performance choices from Santorini’s iconic buildings, where the white sea of ​​homes acts as a screen for colorful lighting effects. An arc of light hovers over the action, while the background is augmented by two animation screens. At the same time, this semi-normal concept is broken in the second part by an oversized disco ball, which crowns the central bar of the complex and at the same time acts as an upbeat setting.

On the other hand, Jurgen knows how to handle the horizontal space of a lake stage and how to use it dynamically without being distracted from the actual events. On the one hand, Muscle Beach beckons with mountains of bulging muscles, and on the other, older islanders stroll in the harbour. and in between and above, performers act upstairs and downstairs.

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Of these, Bettina Munch stands out as a single Donna, whose daughter Sophie (Anna Rosa Doller) is about to marry Skye (Timotheus Hollweg) and before that she would like the question to be clarified as to who is one of her mother’s three former lovers. Now her father. The Munich native takes the sometimes tiresome parts of ABBA songs with enthusiasm and knows how to assert herself against the band. Many colleagues sometimes had to involuntarily return to the second vocal row thanks to the still uncertain sound combination.

So be it. The feeling of a Greek holiday is guaranteed at Lake Neusiedl. And that too at a climate friendly distance. The beating machine is still running until August 20th.

(Service – “Mamma Mia!” by Benny Andersson / Bjorn Ulvaeus / Katherine Johnson at the Mörbisch Lake Stage, Vestspilgelande 1, 7072 Mörbisch am See. Direction: Andreas Gergen, Musical Director: Michael Schnack, Set Design: Walter Vogelweider. With Donna – Bettina Munch, Tanja – Enes Hingel-Berker, Rosie – Milica Jovanovic, Sophie – Anna Rosa Doller, Skye – Timothy Hollwig, Harry – Christoph Messner, Bill – Peter Lysiak, Sam – Lukas Bermann, Lisa – Rita Seppe, Ali – Sophie Diener, Eddie – Peter Knöder, Bieber – Clemens Auto Power Other offers July 14-15, July 20-22, July 26-30, August 3-6, August 9-14 and August 16-20 www.seefestspiele