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"I don't want this sick ideology in Europe"

“I don’t want this sick ideology in Europe”

Chancellor Kurz in an interview with Bild

Counsellor in ‘Bild’ Interview on Islamist Emigrants

Prior to his illness, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz spoke about immigration in a Bild talk.

  • “Personally, I am concerned about the withdrawal of troops,” Kurz said of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. But we are a small country and militarily we don’t have the same options as the others.”

  • On Taliban fanaticism: “I do not want to import this sick ideology into Europe. We will certainly continue to deport to Afghanistan. We cannot solve Afghanistan’s problems by receiving large numbers of people in Germany and Austria as in 2015. “

  • On Islamism: “Meanwhile, talk has spread that these mass migrations of people from completely different cultures, some not poorly trained or not at all, have led to massive problems in Europe.”

  • About the crime: “Recently, several Afghan youths drugged, raped, murdered and then sued a 13-year-old girl. Such brutality did not exist in the past.”

  • On resigning on the basis of an indictment: Of course he will not resign even if an indictment is brought against him.

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