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New Year's Eve Party 2023: ORF during the intermission party honors "150 years of the Vienna World Fair"

New Year’s Eve Party 2023: ORF during the intermission party honors “150 years of the Vienna World Fair”

When the Vienna Philharmonic and audience at the Musikverein take a break in the middle of a New Year’s concert on January 1st, TV viewers on ORF and around the world will be treated to a very special programme. Since 1992, the ORF film during the party break has been a constant part of ORF’s annual live broadcast of the first-class cultural event (from 11.15 am on ORF 2) and always honors a special occasion – in 2023 this is the anniversary “150 years of the Vienna Fair” Global “.

The Philharmonic’s journey back in time goes back to 1873, when the only exhibition to date was held in Vienna and the city of imperial residence became a cosmopolitan city. From the Japanese Tino to the King of Hawaii: the whole world met in the Vienna of that time, which had not changed much in such a short time, neither before nor since. Starting with the Musikverein – for the first time with the participation of the conductor of the New Year’s concert, Franz Wilser-Most – the film recreates historical sites such as the prestigious building of the fair, the legendary Prater rotunda, in extraordinary animation and becomes the stage for a band of the Vienna Philharmonic playing real music.

ORF / Filmwerkstatt Wien / Amely Hansa
“Making of” – preparation for filming in the morning hours in Wiener Wurstelprater, musicians from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Christoph Geiger, photographer Hubert Doppler

The film called “Pause” was filmed at the Musikverein in Vienna on Tuesday, December 6, 2022, in the presence of ORF Program Director Stephanie Gross-Horwitz, ORF TV’s Culture Director Martin Traxl, Vice President of Alexander Vienna. Steinberger, the director Barbara Weissenbeck and Nicholas Büchel as well as the director of the Musikverein, Stefan Polley.

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“Vienna World’s Fair 150 Years – Exhibition 150 Years Vienna” – co-production of ORF and the Vienna Philharmonic, produced by Filmwerkstatt Wien – can be seen on Sunday, January 1, 2023 at approximately 11.50 am at ORF 2. A da capo is in the program Epiphany Day, Friday, January 6, as part of the New Year’s Eve party service repeat at ORF-2 “matinee” at 9:05 am.

New Year's Eve Party 2023: The ORF Film During the Break Honors Party

ORF/Roman Zach Kiesling
Director Nicholas Büchel, Vice Chairman of the Vienna Board of Directors Alexander Steinberger, ORF Program Director Stephanie Gross-Hurwitz, Director Barbara Weissenbeck, ORF Editor Karin Wiettel, and ORF TV Director of Culture Martin Traxel

ORF Groiss-Horowitz Program Director: “A business card of Austrian culture and creativity for an audience of millions”

“Through our New Year’s Gala ‘intermission film’, we are presenting a visiting card of Austrian culture and Austrian creativity to an audience of millions around the world. This year my thanks go to Barbara Weissenbeck and Nicholas Büchel, who impressively bring the past to life using the latest technology, ”says Director ORF Program Stephanie Gross-Hurwitz.

ORF TV Traxl Director of Culture: “Manifesto of Innovation”

Our ‘Temporary Film’ is not a glorified look back at times of nostalgia, but shows this era 150 years ago as a stage of new beginnings, emphasized Martin Traxl, Head of Culture at ORF TV, who moderated the presentation. It is a statement of innovation and courage and uses all technological means also showing this brave way into the future. He brings this special time to life with so much wit, charm, and great music.”

Steinberger, Vice President of the Philharmoniker: “Great Bridge to the New Year’s Concert”

Together with the ORF, the Vienna Philharmonic makes a cultural contribution by transferring the past to the present, as in this year’s ‘Pause’. The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra played two concerts in connection with the World Exhibition in 1873. World premiere of Bruckner’s Second Symphony , with the composer as conductor – this was the first spark of a long artistic partnership between Bruckner and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as the second concert in which Johann Strauss’s “On the Beautiful Blue Danube” was played as the last piece – so a great bridge was made to the New Year’s concert ”, says Vice-President of the Vienna Philharmonic, Professor Alexander Steinberger.

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"150 Years World Expo Vienna": an outdoor trip through the grounds of the Vienna World Fair

ORF / Filmwerkstatt Wien / Andreas Kreimaier
An outdoor trip through the grounds of the Vienna World Fair

Historical Events and Events: A special theme each year

With the aim of opening a window on Austria to an audience of millions and showing the whole world the best side of the country with its cultural and natural treasures as well as its history, ORF Films presents a special theme each year during the gala. rest time. Anniversaries and events such as the Year of Mozart 2006, the cultural capital of Graz 2003 and Linz 2009 or the European Football Championship 2008 are no less important than the Austrian National Parks, the Austrian world cultural heritage, the singing ambassadors of the country – the Vienna Boys Choir -, the world-famous historical dates of Three to four times, such as 100 years of Burgenland, 150 years of Ringstraße in Vienna, 150 years of the Vienna Opera or the current 150 years of the Vienna World’s Fair. But the Vienna Philharmonic, as Austria’s preeminent musical figure, has also been the subject of so-called “stopping films”, such as the productions of the “Vienna Orchestra on Tour” or the “Backstage”, behind the scenes of the New Year’s Concert.

Non-verbalism is the biggest challenge

The biggest challenge came to the directors of Pause Films, who included filmmakers such as frontrunners Felix Brysach and Georges Reha, as well as Hannes Rosacher, Rudy Dolezal, Werner Bott, Patrick Plesnitzer and Ernst A. Friedel’s count is non-verbal. The New Year’s party movie should be understandable without words, as it will also be watched by millions of people around the world. Film productions inspire year after year with stunning visuals and great musical compositions performed by the Philharmonic. An exception was in the form of vocal interludes in ORF’s film Intermission for the 2019 New Year’s Concert marking the 150th anniversary of the Vienna State Opera.

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"150 Years World Expo Vienna": In the Dome of the Rotunda - Flags with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Alexander Macchenig, Lija Fras and Stefan Gartmeyer (from left to right)

ORF / Filmwerkstatt Wien / Andreas Kreimaier
In the dome of the Rotunda – Flags with the Vienna Philharmonic Alexander Machenig, Lija Fras and Stefan Gartmeyer (from left to right)

Filmmakers Barbara Weissenbeck and Nicholas Büchel: “A Bridge Between Past and Present”

As author, director, and producer, Barbara Weissenbeck created the New Year’s Eve Break Film party for the first time. Nicholas Büchel serves as co-director and coordinator of 3D animation for the film. “With this film we wanted to build a bridge between the past and the present. During months of work it was possible to faithfully recreate the entire site and buildings of the Vienna World Fair using specially created 3D animations, to place the musicians of the Vienna Philharmonic on the site of the Vienna World Fair and thus bring history into Directors W. and: “The collaboration with the bands has been impressive – moving musical performances of the highest level combined with an openness to new ideas and a good dose of humour. Shooting this movie became an unforgettable moment for us.