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Potato Mode Mod compresses textures for older computers

Potato Mode Mod compresses textures for older computers

from Rhonda Bachman
Starfield is officially released and it’s making PCs smoke. A new “Potato Mode” wants to bring Bethesda’s new role-playing game to older PCs. The mod compresses tissue, which doesn’t look pretty, but it’s supposed to be more resource efficient.

Starfield was officially released on PC and Xbox Series Shortly before the official release, modders have already released the first 4K texture pack for the role-playing game, which aims to take full advantage of the power of high-end graphics cards. The “BulwarkHD” model has now started at the other end of the spectrum. The “potato mode” adjustment should also make owners of old calculators happy.

The new mod brings muddy textures to older PCs

“Does your computer have 1GB of VRAM? Is it so old that your grandfather used it to play Morrowind? Or do you hate high-res textures and want to get rid of them? Try this mod and make sure it works for you!” , like this mod in the description of its mod on NexusMods. The Potato Mode mod compresses all Starfield textures to a comfortable 128-bit size, making running the role-playing game less resource-intensive.

Modulation is also optionally offered in texture sizes of 256-bit and 16-bit slim. Due to the significantly reduced textures, the game naturally appears more grainy. However, this seems to be a compromise that owners of older computers are willing to make. However, the 16-bit version was described as “horror” even by the mod’s creator.

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Starfield Premium Edition buyers have been able to get into the sci-fi role-playing game since September 1st. That’s why the role-playing game was in the top 10 most played games on Steam before its official release. A day before the official release, the title already had 248,632 concurrent players on Valve’s platform.

source: Nexus modification via guimarant