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Joe Biden Bites Eva Longoria  Actress joining the cabinet |  Entertainment

Joe Biden Bites Eva Longoria Actress joining the cabinet | Entertainment

Ever since Eva Longoria (48) last appeared in the White House, it has been known that the two can stand each other well.

There it got intimate Face-to-face with US President Joe Biden (80), wrapped her arm a little tighter around the former “Desperate Housewife’s” waist. Shortly after the performance there was an uproar in America because “Harney Joe” took it a bit too far in front of the cameras by “touching around”.

In 2004, Eva Longoria (along with Felicity Huffman, Teri Hatcher and Marcy Gross) rose to stardom with the series Desperate Housewives.

Photo: Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

But the story is not over yet.Biden, who is currently polling deeply among voters, is said to be serious about appointing Longoria to his cabinet.The actress and self-confessed democrat is being debated behind closed doors on whether to move into the education ministry.

Until now, Longoria has always denied wanting to enter politics. But secretly, quietly, the intelligent Latina has completed her political studies along with her Hollywood career. Longoria wouldn’t be the first entertainer to enter politics since Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Eva Longoria avoids tripping fast You won’t believe whose hand this is!

Eva Longoria avoids tripping fast

Source: Reuters, White House

Anyway, Joe Biden is very interested in Eva Longoria. “An important voice standing up for Latinos in America,” he says of her.

It is precisely this electorate that Biden needs to extend his presidency for another four years next year.

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