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Kennedy’s son-in-law wants to run as an independent candidate in the US election

Kennedy’s son-in-law wants to run as an independent candidate in the US election

Initially, Robert F. Kennedy planned to run for the Democratic Party. But the declared anti-vaccinationist has been repeatedly criticized by the party for spreading conspiracy theories.

Former US President John F. Kennedy’s nephew, Robert F. Kennedy did not want to run for the Democratic presidential nomination, but rather as an independent candidate. “I’m here to announce myself as an independent candidate for president of the United States,” the 69-year-old told supporters in Philadelphia on Monday.

The declared anti-vaccination activist has been widely criticized by Democrats and members of his family for spreading conspiracy theories and associating with far-right politicians. Kennedy must now try to meet the requirements to get on the ballot in all 50 states. In the U.S., nominations that are not affiliated with one of the two parties are considered hopeless—although in often close elections for the White House, they can deny decisive percentages of Democratic and Republican candidates.

President Joe Biden (80) is considered by Democrats as the most promising candidate to win the primaries. 71-year-old writer Marianne Williamson also wants to run for the party, but is considered a complete no-brainer. Among Republicans, Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump (77), is leading the polls the most. Theologian and philosopher Cornel West wants to run as an independent. (APA/dpa)

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