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Kernberg – “Dirndl Musicians” in a festive mood

Kernberg – “Dirndl Musicians” in a festive mood

The Dirndl Rockers, known as Franz Hager, Stefanie Wieland, Peter Schiller, Rene Schaffhauser and Stefan Hösel, celebrated their anniversary.


Their 10th anniversary was a big Oktoberfest, and the Dirndl Rockers invited people to the Greisler Inn in Kernberg last Saturday. Fans were happy to come in large numbers and thanked the dirndl rockers for the great atmosphere, enthusiasm for dancing and lots of applause. To do this, some fans traveled long distances – for example from Vienna. Fans from Hofstetten and of course from Kernberg were well represented.

The Kernberg Music Society provided a “warm-up” with a few pieces of music. Pop singer Oliver Haidt was there as a special guest. The Dirndl Rockers also took this opportunity to thank their wives and partners for understanding the great and time-consuming passion of the musicians and the singer. In turn, they congratulated the band with a special memorial photo of the musical group.