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ÖAMTC: Defective e-bike battery – repair or replacement? (+ photos)

The Mobility Club only recommends repairs in exceptional cases

Vienna Over time, the lithium-ion batteries in e-bikes lose more and more of their power, and their capacity – and therefore their range – decreases. Therefore, Mobility Club and its partners investigated whether repair is an option and what other options are available in the event of a battery strike. “The bad news first: Repair is theoretically possible, but should only be done by the manufacturer itself. Everything else is a safety hazard, and in the worst case it can even cause a fire,” explains OAMTC expert Markus Kaiser.

So the recommendation is to completely replace the defective battery. “Since safety always comes first, it is recommended to use an original,” Kaiser explains. “There are also cheaper replicas, but it is not always clear if they really fit all the requirements.” You should only exchange for this replacement part if the original accessories are not available. In this case, it is advisable to pay attention to the existing certificates and contact the provider in advance if you have any questions.

Battery check creates certainty about the actual condition

Due to the cost associated with a new power cell, you should always do your best to make it last as long as possible. But why the battery runs out? Kaiser explains: “If nothing works anymore, deep discharge after incorrect storage in the winter is usually to blame. If this happens, the only option is proper disposal or professional treatment, that is, replacement of defective cells, by the manufacturer.” As far as storage is concerned, Kaiser recommends a regular “charge” of unused batteries. Regardless, the battery should not be connected to the charger permanently and should be stored dry in winter and at a temperature of more than 10 degrees.

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If you are no longer satisfied with the performance, you should definitely check before replacing whether there is really a defect – because, as it seems banal, the range decreases for example B. Also with the wrong tire pressure. This is where the Mobility Club can help: Members have the option to check their e-bike’s battery. “This is the only way to clarify the actual condition of the battery, and it is an important reference point for deciding whether or not it needs replacing,” says the ÖAMTC expert. And if you want to buy a used e-bike, you should have the battery checked beforehand by a mobility club – just as you would with a used car. All the information on this is available below

The most important tips and results from the study at a glance

* Following the manufacturer’s instructions for care and storage of batteries will extend their service life and save unnecessary expenses.

* Measurement of the residual capacity can provide certainty about the actual condition.

*OEM replacement batteries provide added safety.

* It may be difficult to identify good and therefore suitable identical batteries.

*E-bike battery repair is not recommended unless provided by the manufacturer.

*Low range can be due to poorly maintained bike mechanics.

Finally, Kaiser requires manufacturers that new batteries also be compatible with older drives and brackets. “At the same time, professional repair options should be offered and warranty periods – as with electronic cars – should be geared towards a long service life,” says the ÖAMTC expert.

Editor’s tip: Images for this mail are available at We hope you enjoy this show. All about e-bikes can also be found here: Fahrrad / e-bikes-pedelecs.

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