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Office and Workplace: Sharing is not difficult at all

Office and Workplace: Sharing is not difficult at all

It is clear that office sharing in the office is on the rise.

“Digitalization has made possible forms of collaboration that were not possible just a few years ago. However, this does not spell the end of the office workplace,” said Oliver Bertram, CEO of Teamgnesda, while introducing the “Office Report 2023.” People are looking for teamwork – in the office.So areas for interaction are required.

At the same time, the functions are shared. 90 percent of those surveyed are already working on the engagement model. Acceptance of participation has increased significantly, which is seen as a sign that activity-based work concepts are becoming well-established.

The average participation rate is 0.78. This means 7.8 offices spread over ten employees. Half of the participants rated the maximum possible participation rate as 0.6 or less.

“This seems very realistic considering that on an average working day only 61 percent of offices are occupied, and on peak days it is a maximum of 82 percent,” said Andreas Gnesda, CEO of Teamgnesda.

The effect on space efficiency cannot be ruled out. Companies with a sharing model require about a third less space per person. (red.)

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