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Participate and win an ACME SW302 smart watch

Participate and win an ACME SW302 smart watch

thanks th Accurate heart rate sensor and integrated Multifunctional sports You can now track your progress more easily. to me analysis Sensors for altitude, air pressure and temperature are installed in the environment. extra GPS future It allows you to record the exact route you take during your adventures – without having to take your smartphone with you.

If you reconnect your phone to the smartwatch, the data will automatically be transferred to the corresponding application. Of course, the smartwatch also has the following features: it notifies you of incoming messages and calls, has an integrated dial function, predicts the weather, reminds you of upcoming appointments, and has calculator And much more! You can also set personal reminders – the smartwatch will remind you if you want To drink enough water or one stroll wander to do outdoors.
The smartwatch shows you all this information on its bright and colorful screen touch screen in. Also very practical: the iintegrated power saving mode, which starts at 10% battery level, gives the smartwatch power for up to 3 more days.

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