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Preview of the cup match in Sant’Anna

Preview of the cup match in Sant’Anna

After the bitter defeat at Altash, the Violets discussed the current situation together again. “We tried to raise our heads again, which of course were low,” explains coach Michael Wimmer. “We want to see this week as a new opportunity and we will do everything we can on Wednesday to qualify for the next round.”

Violet was completely focused on Saint Anne

St. Anna am Aigen recently won two in a row at home to Weiz and Falern/Marenkirchen by 1-0 scores, and in between there was a clear 0-7 defeat to LASK Amateurs. Southeast Styria currently ranks 10th in the Central Regional League. “We have a very important week ahead of us and we certainly won’t take this cup match against Sant’Anna lightly.” Arrived on Tuesday afternoon.

The Cup has a special place for Wimmer: “It is the shortest path to international competition and to the title, we keep that in mind. Austria Vienna is the record winner of the Cup, not least because it is clear that we have the right to be there.” This competition is “to get as far as possible,” said the coach, who is already thinking about the home derby on Sunday (5:00 p.m.).

Staff status

“Sunday’s match is very important for the whole club and of course it is present, you can feel it. Depending on the level of load and fitness, we will decide whether the player will have a rest before the derby.” Tin Plavutić (ankle) remains out, while Ziad Al-Shiwi, Marco Rago and Florian Stenger are also out with long-term injuries.

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Lucas Galvão is eligible to play for Sant’Anna after picking up a yellow and red card at Altaç and is only suspended for the derby, and assistant coach Ahmed Koç must serve his suspension after the red card in the cup last weekend.