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Table Tennis – Women’s 1st German League: No win for the union yet

Table Tennis – Women’s 1st German League: No win for the union yet

They only had to admit defeat to Kufstein in the last match – doubles – with a score of 3:4, because Sandra Fuchs and new acquirer Anna Pfeiffer lost to the legionary Giorgi Bini/Renata Bingo-Mura in sets 0:3. Sandra Fuchs was able to beat the powerful Hungarians in singles, but things did not go as planned for Sylvia Fuchs at the start of the season. She also lost in her singles matches to Penny (1:3) and Nicole Angerhofer (0:3). Pfeiffer played evenly, with a clear 3-0 win over Ungerhofer offset by a 1-3 defeat to Bingo-Mura. Due to the defeat in doubles, we ended up losing by a narrow margin of 3:4.

Three hours later things went south again at the expense of the SGVH ladies. “The match against Ossiacher Sea was exactly the same,” sighs SGVH press spokesman Harry Kurzbuk. Sandra Fox struck mercilessly again in her singles matches – winning twice over Katja Gutnik and Lena Mayer. But Pfeiffer was unable to win this round, and lost to the Slovenians Katja Tomasic (0:3) and Katja Gutnik (2:3). Claudia Steinbacher was able to play again after a long period of injury, beating Mayer convincingly, but losing to Tomasic. Due to the narrow double defeat of Sandra Fuchs and Pfeffer to the Slovenian duo Tomasic/Gotnik, we were once again left empty-handed – a 3:4 defeat.

Things didn’t go any better on Sunday either. It was Sandra Fuchs and Pfeffer who won 3:1 and 3:2 respectively against Martina Kapfinger. Sandra Fox and Claudia Steinbacher lost after a tough battle against Selina Leitner and Theresa Opels, who played with Kirschbichel, was also strong for Steinbacher and Pfeffer. In the end there was a 2:4 defeat to the Tyrol team and it was no longer necessary to play doubles.

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They suffered a clear defeat in the 4th round against the women of Linz AG Froschberg. Pfeffer, Silvia Fuchs and Steinbacher had to realize that Anna Larissa Ababi, Ines Dindorfer and Nicole Ohlin Banholzer could not be beaten that day – 0:6!

One win and two defeats in Windischberger’s debut in the Bundesliga

Anna-Lena Windschberger, who plays for Austrian club Upper Sandel in the Women’s Second Division, also made three appearances in Kufstein this weekend. She celebrated her first win in the Women’s Bundesliga against TTV Bruck/Mur’s Sandra Bolzhofer. In the other two matches against Nora Gruber (Indigo Graz) and Marta Takacs (Oberbollendorf) she lost twice with a score of 1:3.