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Asiago 2:1 NB: VSV defeats defensive fortress Asiago on penalties

Asiago 2:1 NB: VSV defeats defensive fortress Asiago on penalties

Anyone who expected Villach’s offensive fireworks against the Asiago extremists was completely wrong. VSV was busy trying to break down the ice hockey ‘catenaccio’ for the guests. “Because they sit well at the back and let us drive outside,” said VSV striker Maxi Rebernig, summarizing what they saw.

The fans in the hall had to wait a really long time for the first goal, but the Eagles had enough chances, but Asiago goalkeeper Marco De Filippo had to fight against Villach’s goal. The 33-year-old, who arrived from Alpine club Cortina in the summer, led the Whites to despair in his first match at ICE.
Presumed top scorer Bla(z) Tomazevic’s facial expressions in the 32nd minute fit the entire match well. The Slovenian, who hammered Katic into the net with his high stick, knew as soon as he finished the match that celebrating that sloppy goal wouldn’t be worth it.

Although VSV continued to press, goalkeeper JP Lamoureux was not out of work. Because whenever Asiago appeared in front of goal, he was on fire. And it remained like this until the end, as the guests imposed extra time.

The shock came 73 seconds before the end of the match

But after 48 minutes, John Hughes had two things on his mind as he scored his first goal of the season to take a long-awaited lead. But this was not intended to be inspiring; it almost paralyzed the eagles. In the end, the Italians suddenly found themselves with greater opportunities. Alex Ierullo immediately used the latter when outnumbered 73 seconds before the end. And so, after VSV were deffused with a minority in extra time, the match will go to penalties. Anthony Luciani stayed calm there and got the extra point.

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