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Nobody’s done it before: Chris Hemsworth premieres new Netflix movie – Cinema News

Nobody’s done it before: Chris Hemsworth premieres new Netflix movie – Cinema News

The Netflix Top 10 lists show the most successful movies and series from the streaming service. Now, for the first time, two films from the same franchise are in the top 10 list of English-language films: “Tyler Rake: Extraction” and “Tyler Rake: Extraction 2”.

Since Netflix released the most-watched and therefore most-successful movies and series, there have never been two English-language films from the same franchise or series in the top ten. This has now changed: with “Tyler Rick: Extraction” And “Tyler Rake: Extraction 2It is the first movie and its sequel in the list of top 10 best movies on Netflix. With 135.7 million and 129.3 million views, the two successful acts took the ninth and tenth places on the list.

This hasn’t yet been achieved with romcoms, high school hits like “Kissing Booth,” “To All The Boys,” “PrinzessinnenSwap,” or the two films “Enola Holmes” with “Stranger Things” star Millie Bobby Brown. .

New Netflix metrics make this possible

Perhaps the premiere also became possible due to the change in the ratings of the top ten. In June 2023, Netflix not only introduced the number of views as a unit of measurement, which also doesn’t show how many people watched the entire movie, but simply results from the viewing hours divided by the viewing time. In addition to The success of a movie (or series) is now counted for 91 days, instead of just 28 days previously.

The latter in particular may have been crucial, because “Tyler Rake: Extraction 2” premiered on Netflix on June 16, 2023, but has only now made it into the top ten. So 28 days wasn’t enough, it might have been 65 days (June 16 to August 20, 2023, current status of the list). Perhaps this was one of the reasons for switching to 91 days.

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Nothing new in the top ten series

On the other hand, there are many examples in the series where several seasons were represented in the top ten. For example, Bridgerton (with seasons 1 and 2 and Queen Charlotte) and Stranger Things (with seasons 3 and 4) dominate the English-language list, while Money Heist (three seasons in the top-10) and Élite (two seasons) dominate. And “Lupin” (two parts) almost make up the top 10 best non-English series.

Incidentally, Chris Hemsworth will be returning to Netflix for a third mission: “Tyler Rake: Extraction 3” was announced one day (!) after the sequel was launched by Hemsworth and director Sam Hargrave. If the two can outdo each other again in terms of action frenzy, a third “Extraction” movie could also hit the Netflix top 10 list. However, they won’t be in this together, because with the next new title, one of the “Extraction” movies currently set at the end will be deleted.

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