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Punk rockers Never Grow Up, Scotch and DJ Gruber Matzi

Punk rockers Never Grow Up, Scotch and DJ Gruber Matzi

Steyr. Two bands and a DJ will be warming up for guests at the Roda Cultural Center on Saturday, August 26th: After kicking off at 9pm with Scotch, the music for Never Grow Up starts around 10:30pm. By the best DJ Grouper Matze.

If you fell into bed exhausted with a pounding head, it was either Scotch Bad or the eponymous punk band from the Heights of Wyre. Although the Upper Austrian Five don’t have a Scottish background, they combine hard punk with catchy bagpipe melodies in an authentic way. Featuring American pop punk, Celtic punk, and glorious 21st century folk, Scotch pays tribute to the pioneers both for their songs and their assertiveness in what’s going on… true to the motto: More Means More!

With the same line-up since 2011, the close-knit group presents a carefree live show that works in the smallest pubs as well as in the largest theaters in Central Europe.

“never grow old”

The intelligent, energetic, and beguiling concert of five passionate musicians has been creating good atmosphere on area stages for nearly two decades. Punk rock, alternative rock, and everything that moves around these genres is performed with a great deal of fun and energy.

With their debut album “Cross the border” (2008) and several shows, they have built a loyal fan base. After a short break they returned in 2012 with a change of line-up and two new members on stage. Since then, Raymond “Obee” Oberaigner, Stefan “Berges” Bergmayr on bass, Roman Krawinkler, “Dr. Otto Clemens” Leitner on Guitars, and Christoph “Knoxi” Knogler on drums have made memorable gigs.

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the tickets:

Members: 10€, pre-booking: 11€, box office: 14€