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Rathausplatz – Klosterneuburg: “New Cinema” becomes “Urania Theater”

Rathausplatz – Klosterneuburg: “New Cinema” becomes “Urania Theater”

“Urania Theater”: This is the working title of the large-scale cultural project reimagined on Rathausplatz. Building on the previous “Urania Kino”, there will be space for more in these same rooms: events, as well as cinema. In cooperation with the Babenbergerhalle and Göppinger Stüberl, a full cultural mile is planned.

The local council gave the green light for this in the summer. Therefore, it was decided that the “New Cinema” project – the basic decision taken in July 2021 – would gain dimensions. “We are currently in good discussions with the state regarding infrastructure financing. As soon as the funding is available, the ‘Urania phase’ will begin, which will be the beginning of the cultural tilt,” says city advisor for culture Katharina Danninger (ÖVP). “I am confident that this can happen in Session for 2024.”

“Urania Theater”, those rooms that have remained empty since the cinema closed in 2013. There have been many attempts at revitalization. The current master plan: it should not be a cinema in the classical sense, but a theatre. With a screen too, but also a place for other events – chairs should also be able to be pushed under the stage to save space.

Cinema Paradiso – which won the tender as part of the “Kino neu” project – is on board. Danninger: “After Cinema Paradiso prepared the feasibility study to expand the cultural concept to the cultural mile, I still have good contact with them.”

Reviving the cinema on the one hand, and reviving the outdated Babenberger Hall on the other: “In addition to renovating the Urania Theater and turning it into a modern multi-purpose theatre, the renovation of the Babenberger Hall is also being considered,” explains Danninger, “The Babenbergerhalle is the largest hall in the region In this way, it not only serves as an alternative venue for the Klosterneuburg Opera in bad weather, but is also the site of many events such as balls, cabarets, concerts, exhibitions, Shortynale and much more. The long-term goal should therefore be to renovate the hall, which the council decided local unanimously.

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