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Sentimental memorial program at the “Classic under the Stars” in Göttweig »Leidersent

Sentimental memorial program at the “Classic under the Stars” in Göttweig »Leidersent

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| 06.07.2023

Almost 4,000 visitors, including many celebrities from politics and business, did not want to miss Elīna Garanča and her musical guests, despite the rain and heavy winds.

Elīna Garanča celebrated Göttweig’s 15th anniversary with premieres and reviews, which brought rehearsals of particularly acclaimed tunes and duets from his concert history. Karel Marc Chichon, who serves as conductor and musical director, also put together a medley for the special occasion. Under “Around the World” he chose popular songs from around the world, including “My Way” or Austrian favorites like “My Lips, they kiss so hot” from Giuditta, all sung by Garanča.

“Göttweig is my place of power”

“15 years of Göttweig – this is unbelievable! The energy that comes towards me when I stand on this open-air stage simply makes us happy artists. Göttweig is my place of strength, my second home,” Elena Garana said after the concert moved.

The weather gods didn’t really play around with the anniversary. Although the torrential rain subsided shortly before the ceremony began, the rain and high winds demanded many thousands of visitors.

Atmospheric anniversary with musical guests

In the spirit of promoting young classical music, the opening gala evening at the Göttweig Abbey opened: Nadia Kaisersder and Leonie Paul, the finalists of this year’s “ZukunftsStimmen” initiative, gave a talent audition, accompanied by pianist Christian Koch. Garanča brought to the stage the winner of their youth initiative “ZukunftsStimmen” of the year, bass Felix Pacher from Vienna. Japanese soprano Eri Nakamura, who took over for Eleonora Burato, who was ill, and South Korean tenor SeokJong Baek sang the solos, a duet from Puccini’s Madame Butterfly and the final mix with Elīna Garanča.

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Separate Raiffeisen Bank by Elena Korne

On behalf of the Raiffeisen NÖ-Wien team, Erwin Hameseder, President of Raiffeisen Holding NÖ-Wien and concert partner, presented an anniversary gift on the stage – a specially designed bench for Garanča with a permanent location in the future in the atmospheric garden of Göttweig Abbey: “Party evenings have become The unique musical at Göttweig Abbey is a success story and is associated with one name in particular: the international superstar Elena Garanca, who has been shaping the hit “Classic under the Stars” with her performances for 15 years, and as a token of gratitude and

Raiffeisen recognition NÖ-Vienna got its own “Raifeisen Bank”. Seating would have a good place in Göttweig and should serve Elina Garanca as a place of strength and a place to stay! Hameseder says.

celebrities in the audience

The anniversary evening was celebrated in Göttweig Abbey by, among others, Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner accompanied by Ukrainian Ambassador Vasil Khements, Defense Minister Claudia Tanner, Benedictine owner and abbot Göttweig Abbey Colombian Loeser, Rector of Raiffeisen Holding NÖ-Wien Erwin Hamsader with his wife Christa, Speaker of the Lower Austrian Parliament Carl Wilving, Hartwig Luger, Vs der. Vienna Insurance Group, Wolfgang Hasson, Former Board Member at Siemens with Naga Mader, CEO of GW Cosmetics Rainer Deisenhammer with his wife Omra, Managing Director of Cafe + Co Fritz Kaltenegger, and Richard Grassl-Fom courierManaging Director of courier Thomas Krallinger, Karl Trabachler Vomiting ORF Lower Austria, LLI Board Member Josef Bruel, Agrana Board Member Markus Mühleisen, Artist Agent Erich Seitter, ORF Sports presenter Alena Zellhofer, business angel Michael Altrichter, and many more. ORFCultural presenter Barbara Rhett led the audience through the evening.

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Tickets for 2024 are already available

The next Open Classic under the Stars is scheduled for Wednesday, July 3, 2024. Advance ticket sales have already begun.

The next anniversary will be followed next Saturday, July 8th, precisely the tenth edition of the “Alpine Classic” against the backdrop of the Kitzbühel Alps. ORF Third marks Kitzbühel party as part of ORF Summer Cultural Series.

You can see impressions of “Classic under the Stars” in the gallery.