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Stone – A raided bronze art exhibition in Pfarkirchen/Bad Hall |  Sabine Belzman

Stone – A raided bronze art exhibition in Pfarkirchen/Bad Hall | Sabine Belzman

Hubertus Mayer, Sabine Pelzmann and Irene Strolz-Taverner will be on display at the Tassiloquelle Kurhaus until October 29, 2023

Graz/Vienna/Bad Hall (OTS) The three artists Hubertus Mayer (stone sculptor), Sabine Belzmann (bronze sculptor), and Irene Ströls-Taverner (painter) display their works at the Kurhaus on Tassilukele in Sulzbach. The three artists’ different artworks made of stone, bronze and colors stimulate each other.

The owner of the idea for this exhibition, the Upper Austrian stone sculptor Hubertus Mayer, praised this exhibition as a complete work of art at its opening. Bernhard Ruff, mayor of Bad Hall, is happy with this kind of event at the “Source Temple” in Sulzbach.

In the editorial, author Matthias Strohls talks about the magic of special places in nature.

Benedikt Mitterbauer, principal violinist of the Bruckner Orchestra in Linz, was particularly impressive with his improvisations around the interplay of works.

Sculptor Hubertus Mayer shows several stone works, including marble and sandstone, and talks about how he “dealt with” the big questions of being on stone.

Styrian sculptor Sabine Belzmann works exclusively in bronze. She rejects the traditional design process and allows her bronze sculptures to grow organically in the space and “dance with each other.”

Viennese painter Irene Ströls-Taverner paints her large-scale portraits exclusively with acrylic and experiments with natural materials for applying paint.

“WIR 3” exhibition opens on October 13, 2023 at Kurhaus Tassilukele am Sulzbach

The exhibition is open until October 29, 2023. You can find show times here

Location: Kurhaus der Tassiloquelle am Sulzbach, Schwimmbadstraße 15, 4540 Pfarrkirchen / Bad Hall, Upper Austria

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