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Super Mario Bros.  Wonder – 2D Mario is back, all the information is here!  – Shock 2

Super Mario Bros. Wonder – 2D Mario is back, all the information is here! – Shock 2

June 2006. New Super Mario Bros. (NSMB) was released for the Nintendo DS. The first new 2D Mario game since the 1980s. Could this work well? It can, as the success of the game shows. But then another one appears NSMB. And one more. And one more. And one more thing…it’s always there: the same graphic style, the same music, the same turtles singing “wah-wah” to the beat. But after all these years of audio-visual hiatus, Nintendo is making a new attempt: a great new attempt?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder – Everything new, everything new

Even if the word “new” is removed from the title, it works Super Mario Bros Wonder At first glance it looks like a brand new Mario game. With a graphic style reminiscent of modern anime thanks to the exaggerated reactions of the characters and breathing new life into Mario with a watery appearance. Kids will love it and big kids will be delighted with the new scene.

The centerpiece of Mario’s new adventure is the Miracle Flower. There’s one of these you can collect in each level, and each has a special effect. Sometimes dozens of buffalo suddenly pass through the picture, sometimes a tube comes to life, and sometimes an endless stream of superstars (“disco!” as my daughter affectionately calls them) rain down from the sky. Another item can also turn Mario into an elephant; It was a Nintendo Direct reveal that some of us have yet to get over.

Of course, we don’t yet know all the miraculous effects. Sure it looks “flashy”, but how much does it affect the known flow of the game? It’s 2D Mario, we can adapt to desert, jungle, snow world and so on. Were these in? NSMB-If everyone is the same, hopefully this time the miraculous flowers will provide the necessary diversity that the world’s most famous plumber in the second dimension has been missing for so long.

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Elephant Mario and co

Of course, Mario doesn’t face this wonderful new world alone. Again, up to 4 players can play online and offline againstPlay with each other. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toad, and Toadette play identically here, Yoshi is for less experienced players, and like in NSMB, Mopsie can’t damage anything (except Abyss).

If you prefer to play alone but don’t want to feel lonely, you can enjoy the ghosts of other players (Trackmania Sends his regards.) These roam the overworld and levels. You can support each other and get heart points as a reward. Whether this is more than just a nice feature remains to be seen. For core players, the new challenge mode will be a no-brainer Nsmbu It has definitely become more interesting with the new online features. Especially with the new decals. They can be used to activate exactly one special ability (higher jump, faster dive, gliding fall, etc.). Putting speed with these badges? This idea is for nothing, Nintendo.

When will Super Mario Bros. Wonder be released?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the last big appearance of the iconic plumber on Switch. Nintendo seems to be delving deeper into its repertoire of gameplay tricks. The first new 2D Mario since 2013 (!) looks incredibly charming and doesn’t seem to skimp on surprises. Whether Mario the Elephant has a place next to him Epic And Breath of the wild On the must-have shelf on Switch, read here ahead of release October 20, 2023.

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