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The Bundesliga explains – Exceptions and point deductions: Clubs face these penalties for fireworks offences

The Bundesliga explains – Exceptions and point deductions: Clubs face these penalties for fireworks offences

There are clear guidelines regarding the use of fireworks in Austrian League matches. The German League says: “In principle, this is prohibited in stadiums.”

Why are there still fireworks at the stadium?

In Austria and the league there is the possibility of obtaining an exemption. This is based on the fireworks law.

The concerned club as the organizer applies for an exemption from the competent authority, i.e. the state police department or the district administration. This usually happens one to three weeks before the match.

The application may be approved by the authority. It contains basic safety requirements, such as safety distances, the presence of water and sand buckets, … “This is treated differently from one authority to another. Some agree more, others less, and some none at all,” the association teaches. .

What happens if there is no consent?

Anything not approved is illegal fireworks, and will be documented by the Bundesliga or the match official on site. The match day report is then processed by the Bundesliga security officer. The Bundesliga’s governing body then reports the illegal fireworks to the First Senate.

How high are the penalties?

The non-public penalty catalog specifies exactly which item will be evaluated and how. Bungalows are judged differently than firecrackers or rockets.

Invoices are made per lot. Unless a certain number of pieces are exceeded, the issue will be summed up as “serious” and could cost the club up to €100,000.

Are penalties higher for “repeat offenders”?

Yes. The German League is talking about escalation levels here. Level 1 is a fine. In the second serious case within 24 months, the first Senate will issue a conditional deduction of points; In the third case, the points deduction will be severe.

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What happens to the fine?

This goes into the Bundesliga’s so-called security account, which, however, is not a savings account.

The league is trying to use this revenue wisely. Therefore, clubs can obtain funding to some extent on security-related issues – mainly in infrastructure – and can apply for payment from the security pool.