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The final text of the World Synod was published in German

The final text of the World Synod was published in German

There is now also a German version of the final text of the first phase of the World Assembly. The 40-page document is divided into 20 chapters and contains a total of 270 sub-points. These were all voted on individually by the 346 councils in the Vatican on Saturday after four weeks of discussions. Each point received a majority of no less than 80 percent.

The text proposes, among other things, a further development of Catholic sexual ethics, a rethinking of celibacy and a change in the decision-making structures of the church hierarchy. There is a lack of agreement on the point regarding the possibility of opening the office of deacons to women. The concrete recommendations presented to the Pope will not be discussed until the second round of the World Synod in October 2024.

The Italian original contains 37 printed pages. The document is now available in Italian, Spanish, English, German and Polish.

(The synthesis report at the end of the first session of the “Synodal on the Synod” can be downloaded as a PDF document in German at the link:

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