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The first trailer for the new FIFA is here

The first trailer for the new FIFA is here

That was hardly The cover of the final version appearsEA follows suit: now there is also that The first trailer for EA Sports FC 24as the football simulator of the year is called.

In the video, which is about a minute and a half long, there are still no game scenes to discover. Instead, several soccer players mainly appear in the Frostbite engine, where EA mixes teams and players in a big way – Ultimate Team says hello.

EA Sports FC 24: More info this week

Not only can players from different teams be seen together, but also different generations meet in EA Sports FC 24: for example, in one scene, David Beckham is sitting next to former Dortmund Bellingham, who has just been transferred to Real Madrid. And in between, there are also some well-known soccer players, such as Alexia Putellas of FC Barcelona.

Interestingly, they don’t appear separately in the trailer, but they can also be seen with their male colleagues. This may be the first indication that mixed teams in Ultimate Team mode could also be possible in EA Sports FC 24 for the first time.