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The Pergamon Museum in Berlin years before its closure

The Pergamon Museum in Berlin years before its closure

The Pergamon Museum, one of the prominent museums and attractions on Berlin’s World Heritage Museum Island, has been facing closure for years.

Due to extensive renovation work, treasures such as the colorful Ishtar Gate and the processional route of Babylon can only be seen until Sunday. The crowd was correspondingly large for weeks.

“We no longer have tickets for the Pergamon Museum on offer,” a sign at the entrance dashed many hopes. Time slots have been fully booked for a long time, and queues form every day in front of the already crowded museum. Operating hours have already been extended twice.

Completely closed for at least four years

The Pergamon Museum is one of the most famous German museums. It will remain completely closed for at least four years. The building’s north wing and the central wing housing the famous Pergamon Altar remained without public access for ten years.

With the construction divided into two phases, some parts were originally intended to remain accessible during work. The plans were surprisingly put forward in March by the responsible Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation and the Federal Executive Office for Construction and Regional Planning.

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