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The researchers explain where many of them still have potential when it comes to dosing

The researchers explain where many of them still have potential when it comes to dosing

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A study showed that taking vitamin D in people with cancer or precancerous lesions reduced levels of an important marker of inflammation.

frankfurt – an Taking vitamin D reduces cancer deathsIndeed, an earlier study by the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg (DKFZ) found; Other works have also come to this conclusion. And a team from the DKFZ has now tracked down the reason for this effect: In a meta-analysis, they found that taking vitamin D in people with cancer or its precursors reduced the level of an important inflammatory marker. Total there Some signs of vitamin D deficiencyIt should not be ignored.

Vitamin D reduces cancer mortality – its deficiency is widespread throughout the world

Vitamin D is involved in important metabolic processes in the body. However, it can only be provided to a limited extent through food, as few foods – including fatty fish and eggs – contain vitamin D. The main source comes from the sun’s rays on the skin. Vitamin D deficiency is widespread all over the world, especially in cancer patients. According to current studies, regular vitamin D3 intake reduces the risk of dying from cancer by about twelve percent.

Fish is one of the few foods that contain vitamin D. © Imago

But until now, the biological mechanisms behind this have been largely unexplained. supposed to Vitamin D fights inflammatory processes. Study leader Hermann Brenner from the DKFZ explains: “High levels of inflammatory markers in cancer patients are often associated with an unfavorable outcome of the disease. This is especially true for colon, breast, pancreas, liver and prostate cancer.” In order to verify the hypothesis that the anti-inflammatory effect of vitamin D is behind the positive effect on cancer, the researchers analyzed eight studies with a total of 592 studies. All participants had cancer or precancerous diseases.

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Vitamin D Reduces Cancer Mortality: Potential Still Dormant In Dosage

In fact, those who received vitamin D had “significantly lower serum levels of the pro-inflammatory tumor necrosis factor alpha” (TNF alpha). This messenger substance is released in almost all infections and activates a large number of different immune cells. For two other messengers, interleukin-6 and CRP, lower levels were also observed when vitamin D was taken.

In these previous studies, all patients received the same dose, regardless of their baseline vitamin D level. In a dose adapted to individual needs, Brenner sees “much greater potential”. His team is currently conducting a large study in collaboration with several clinics in Germany. bam