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The United States put 8,500 soldiers on high alert

WThe U.S. government has deployed about 8,500 troops in the United States due to the crisis in Ukraine, according to the Department of Defense. Ministry Spokesperson John Kirby However, he emphasized on Monday that the decision to move troops to Europe had not been made. On the instructions of US President Joe Biden and on the recommendation of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, the relevant sections have been placed on high alert.

“As such, they are ready to respond to a variety of contingencies, including supporting the NATO response force if it is activated,” Kirby said. NATO decides whether to implement this “NATO Response Force” (NRF). In connection with the increased readiness, Kirby spoke of “reinsurance to our NATO allies.”

The Normandy form was revived

The New York Times reported பிடன் Consider moving warships and aircraft and sending several thousand U.S. troops to NATO allies in the Baltics and Eastern Europe. Even outside of times of crisis, the United States has stationed tens of thousands of soldiers in Europe.

The US Treasury Department, meanwhile, has shortened the extension of two licenses for Russian commercial vehicle maker GAZ with the government in Moscow. A ministry spokesman told Reuters that licenses, which had previously been renewed at the same time a year and expired on Wednesday, would now be renewed for only 90 days. “In the current situation with Russia, these licenses are renewed for a short period of time, and renewal depends on Russia’s conduct.” GAZ requires licenses for certain business and financial transactions.