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This is how you get more spaceship parts

This is how you get more spaceship parts

Building your own spaceship in Starfield can be a very positive experience, and something you should be proud of!


If you’re in the middle of a heated battle in Starfield and an enemy is wreaking havoc on your spaceship, being able to repair it can be a big help. The Taskmaster feature can be very useful, but if you want something on the go, spaceship parts are almost a necessity. Here you can find out how… Starfield More spaceship parts Gets.

Where to find spaceship parts in Starfield!

There are four different ways to get more spaceship parts in Starfield:

  1. Buy from a dealer.
  2. Loot enemy spaceships.
  3. Find shipping containers and loot them.
  4. Help friendly ships in need.

The easiest way, although the most expensive, is to purchase starship parts from nearby merchants on planets or from other passing ships. The easiest place to grab some is Jameson Mercantile in New Atlantis. You can find it by going through security directly behind your ship and then heading left until you see the big ship JM symbol be seen.

If you don’t have enough credits to afford something like this, your next best option is this To plunder the enemy ships you destroy. When looting, there is a possibility that there will be starship parts in its inventory, which will be transferred directly to your ship’s cargo hold. To access it, you can find one A booth is on the left side of your ship’s cockpit.

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You can also place spaceship parts in Floating shipping containers Which can be seen around many planets and moons. Travel easily from planet to planet Use your scannerTo detect nearby cargo containers. Any container can Includes up to 3 spaceship parts!

Screenshot of Starfield.  - (C) Bethesda / Screenshot: DailyGame

Screenshot of Starfield. – (c) Bethesda / Screenshot: DailyGame

Be a Samaritan, save other ships…

The last method is somewhat related to the previous method, but not exactly. If you have If you notice that one of the ships is being attacked by enemy ships, you can help them by defeating the enemy ships and saving their lives. If you are contacted via radio, you may be rewarded. If you say, “I could use some extra repair parts.” As you can imagine, you get a few Free spaceship parts. You can also request some credits, whatever you want!

How to repair your spaceship in Starfield

Once spaceship parts are available in Starfield, you can repair your spaceship during battle. After the hull is damaged, press the “O” key on your PC or press the right stick down on your controller to start repairing the spaceship. Pressing the button multiple times uses an additional part of the spaceship for each press, but repairs your spaceship much faster. This can be especially useful when you’re in combat.

If your repairs are less urgent, you can visit a Starship Service Technician and spend 1,000 points to repair your starship. This costs credits, but allows you to save those spaceship parts for when you really need them.

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Where do you find spacecraft service technicians?

Starship service technicians are fairly easy to find, with one of them at New Atlantis spaceports, Aqeela city And neon. However, if you don’t want to visit these cities, the technicians also give up Paradiso (Boreama II, Boreama System), Sidonia (Mars and Sol system) and HopeTown (Polvo, Valo system).

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