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Update from the developer – no shadow and still no deadline

Update from the developer – no shadow and still no deadline

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XDefiant’s head talks about the summer release, Shadowdrop and clears up some rumors about a delayed launch.

HAMBURG – XDefiant is scheduled to come out in the summer of 2023, and fans are eagerly awaiting the new shooter. The head of the new game finally reports to Twitter and clears up some questions and rumors about the release. So nothing stands in the way of launching “CoD Killer” on PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC, right?

Name of the game XDefiant
launch 2023
publisher Ubisoft
Row Tom Clancy
Developer Ubisoft San Francisco
platform PS4, PS5, Xbox Series
Type Online multiplayer first person shooter, Arena
Business model Free to play

XDefiant: release date and release of Ubisoft’s new shooter

When is XDefiant coming? Ubisoft has officially revealed that the new shooter XDefiant will be released in the summer of 2023. If you look out the window and at the calendar, the hot season is coming to an end – summer ends on September 23. In fact, the head of XDefiant finally officially commented on the release and cleared up some of the launch rumors after Gamescom.

  • XDefiant Edition: Ubisoft’s new shooter is scheduled to debut in summer 2023.
  • The weekend after Gamescom (September 2), an exciting tournament with prize money of around $100,000 was also held from mega streamer Ludwig at XDefiant – and this was supposed to be the starting signal for the release.
  • But the streamers played on a server specially provided by Ubisoft, XDefiant did not celebrate with a release that defied all expectations and there was no Shadowdrop.
  • XDefiant President Mark Rubin is now reporting with updates and answering questions from waiting fans about the upcoming “CoD Killer” launch.
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XDefiant: Release.jpg © Ubisoft (montage)

XDefiant Released in the Summer – Shadowdrop, Microsoft, and Sony President Explains

Mark Rubin is now on Twitter to pick up impatient fans. Ubisoft’s executive producer for XDefiant responded to several tweets regarding release questions:

I hope it comes out this weekend, but we have to stick to the process. And we won’t shade it until you have time to preload.

Sony and Microsoft aren’t to blame either: The XDefiant boss also clarifies rumors on Twitter that Microsoft is supposedly boycotting the new shooter in order to be better off in its billion-dollar Call of Duty deal. Mark Rubin also reveals that Sony has not yet adopted XDefiant: “I have no idea where that came from, but no, Sony hasn’t approved the game yet and MS isn’t delaying anythingNone of the console giants are to blame for the delayed release.

“Bad and good news about the launch”: The good news is that XDefiant won’t get a flash shadow. This is the name of the version that will be released from now on without any announcement (as was the case with Apex Legends for example). Therefore, there is information from Ubisoft a few days or hours in advance so that everyone can download the shooter and start right away, provided that the servers can withstand the xDefiant hype.

Will XDefiant be free?

Yes, the new game from Ubisoft is completely based on the Free2Play model. You can download XDefiant for free and play it to your heart’s content. The game is then funded, for example, through cosmetics or mini-DLC, which is not intended to be Pay2Win.

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German streamer Molzi, who specializes in shooting games, sums it up in his new YouTube video: “Bad and good news” together

As of now, XDefiant’s summer release date is still to be determined. We should receive official information from Ubisoft some time before launch – and it won’t take long. If you want to cut down on your wait time for Ubisoft’s XDefiant, you can test out another new shooter for free: Synced is tearing down Gamescom – here’s what streamers are saying about the new shooter.