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Toyota plants are still idle in Japan – and Volkswagen’s in Portugal, too

Toyota plants are still idle in Japan – and Volkswagen’s in Portugal, too

A technical problem at Japanese auto giant Toyota has led to a significant loss of production in Japan.

As announced by the group, 25 production lines in 12 of the 14 assembly plants in Japan have been shut down. The blame lies with a problem with the parts ordering management system, which is why parts ordered for production can no longer be procured since morning (local time).

Toyota was initially unable to anticipate when the bug would be resolved. Starting in the evening (local time) all factories must stop operations. This would affect all 28 vehicle assembly lines in the 14 factories. Don’t think it’s a cyber attack.

Volkswagen affected in Slovenia

The Volkswagen plant in Portugal plans to stop production for several weeks due to a lack of parts. The background was a flood in Slovenia, which severely affected the supplier of engine parts, according to an internal letter to the roughly 5,000 employees of the plant in Palmela near Lisbon, which can be obtained from the German news agency.

The halt in production is scheduled for the first half of September and will last a few weeks. According to the statement, the Volkswagen Group is “working with other suppliers to find alternatives so that the affected factories can return to normal production as quickly as possible.”

In addition, Volkswagen is supporting the supplier in Slovenia so that it can resume production.

According to its own data, Volkswagen’s Autoeuropa is one of the largest foreign industrial investments in Portugal. In 2021, Autoeuropa accounted for 1.5% of economic output and 4% of Portuguese goods exports. The T-Roc compact SUV has been manufactured in Palmilla since 2017.

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