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Turn one matchstick over to make a square

Turn one matchstick over to make a square regularly challenges you with challenging video puzzles. You think you are the mastermind? Rack your brains on our tasks.

The challenging puzzle videos are about logic, shapes, and math. The tasks give you a challenge. As always, time is precious. Although, of course, we can’t check if you’ll take a little longer and hit “pause”. Feel free to use this option if needed, because the tasks in our videos are very challenging.

Every weekend we have a fun puzzle ready for you. The puzzle series in the video always comes out on a Sunday. Keep your eyes closed, the clip is sure to remain visible on the page for several hours. Our latest video puzzles can be found at the top of the article or here.

For all you puzzle lovers out there, we also feature some classic puzzles from the past few weeks and months:

video | It’s not easy: many are wrong with the first solution

Source: T-Online

video | With just one change, that’s right – which match to move?

Source: T-Online

video | Logic riddle: Did you fail that fifth-grade math problem, too?

Source: T-Online

video | What do you see first? The answer should show who you are

Source: T-Online

video | Many fail to solve this riddle – and you too?

Source: T-Online

video | Can you solve the matchstick riddle?

Source: T-Online
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