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Two festivals in the lake |  city ​​state newspaper

Two festivals in the lake | city ​​state newspaper


Ahead of this year’s folk blues festival, young local talent also ensures the best atmosphere at Ratzersdorfer’s bathing lake.

Local artists Felix Buechner and Roman James, along with Mayor Matthias Stadler, look forward to the festivals on the lake.
Photo: © Arman Caltes

On July 24, it’s time again: The Blues Festival – long since a fixed point in the city’s calendar of events – invites you to a lively evening on the idyllic shores of Lake Ratzersdorf. On July 23, a new format with local artists will start on the lake platform with the “musik.stp Festival”.

“We need events like this to bring back that part of normalcy that we lost in the last year and a half,” says Mayor Matthias Stadler. But I am also well aware of the fact that of course it is not normal to hold such events given the specific circumstances and the uncertainty about planning in the past few months. We want to enable safe cultural enjoyment and with this professional approach we take a leading role in events,” continued Stadler. He particularly emphasizes the support of Sparkasse, Raiffeisen and Wiener Städtischer: “With a commitment to regional culture, you enable us to present this event to the residents of St. Polten.”

Less requirements, more freedom
“In the past few days, the federal government has announced further easing of events, and of course we’re taking advantage of that,” said Michael Bachell of the city’s Events Service. Nowadays, visitors do not need to wear a mask at outdoor events, but the staff does. The minimum distance is currently one metre. From July, the visitor limit can drop as well, and seats can then be freely chosen. Hygiene standards remain normal. We’ll have to wait and see what exactly will be allowed, but: “It looks good currently. As of today, 3-G controls and recordings remain. There is currently no information available for dancing in front of the stage,” says Bachell.

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A blues festival with a past history and known guests
The blues festival will take place in July 2021, shortly before last year. On Saturday, July 24, the Ratzersdorfer See stage will be dedicated to blues music. Otherwise, much remains the same. Admission is from 5pm, and starts at 6pm.
Tickets are available in advance from the Ö-Ticket, at VAZ St. Pölten (Kelsengasse 9), at Sparkasse NÖ Mitte West (Domgasse & Schwaighof) and at the Tourist Office of St. Paul. Pölten (Rathausplatz 1). Ticket prices are €29 at the box office, €26 for presales and €23 for Sparkasse customers.

The lineup again comes from Charlie Furthner – one of the pioneers of the Austrian blues scene – developed with St. Pölten is at the helm of the organization. This year’s young Daniel Eckelbauer, the multinational youngster No Stress Brothers and Big Daddy Wilson of the United States will be with the Goosepump Brothers and, for the 18th time, there will be the Mojo Blues Band.

“Musik.stp”: From vinyl to festival
In November 2020, “musik.stp” was established as a comprehensive music brand from St. Polten. Since then, 1,500 people have docked on the social media channels. A double vinyl sampler was also launched.
On July 23, musik.stp will present the latest works from the younger creative scene on the festival stage at the Ratzersdorfer See. The cross-section ranges from rock and punk to pop and hip-hop, and from well-known names to new ones. The focus is mainly on young bands. Tickets are now available for €10 or reduced for Raiffeisenclub members, schoolchildren, students, military and civilian staff. Here.

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And accordingly, we’re thrilled to have Sapphire (Roman James, Samuel Sher) hit their debut. But also, Youngster Of Arts 2020 winner, Salamirecorder with his band Salami Sux shouldn’t be missing out. With pop-punk band The Attic, we extend the arc beyond well-known greats Nattastoy, Gravögl and Patrick Rauch and lead with exciting hip-hop feat Flo Knixx. Unique Z-KO highlight: Herzgenberg’s new Starmania 21 semi-finalist Marcel Kaiser (current Raindrops song), pop artist Sinikka Monte, also known on TV, master hip-hop master CHiLL – iLL exclusively offered by an all-star support troupe assembled especially for the evening and consisting of Christoph Richter (Boris Bukowski) on keyboards, Johannes Voersreiter (Malo) on drums and newly crowned Hubert von Goisern Culture Prize winner Sarah Brett (Mama Fattal) accompanies on bass,” according to Alfred Kellner. Head of the Department of Culture.