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Ukraine: The United States rejects Poland's proposal for combat aircraft - Politics

Ukraine: The United States rejects Poland’s proposal for combat aircraft – Politics

Ukraine: Polish proposal for a combat aircraft rejected by the United States
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Poland’s proposal to deliver a MiG-29 fighter jet to Ukraine via the US Ramstein Air Base has been definitively rejected by the United States.

US Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said Wednesday in Washington that the delivery of combat aircraft to Ukraine could be seen by Russia as an escalation and therefore would be a very “significant risk”.

Ukraine: Polish proposal for a combat aircraft rejected by the United States

“We do not currently support the transfer of additional combat aircraft to the Ukrainian Air Force, and therefore do not wish to see them in our sponsorship,” Kirby said. Intelligence concluded that the transfer of MiG-29s to Ukraine could be misunderstood as an escalation and could lead to a major Russian response that could increase the prospects for a military escalation with NATO.

The Pentagon spokesman said the best way to support Ukraine with military equipment is to provide it with anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles. On the other hand, the benefit from the delivery of the Polish MiG-29 aircraft will be only “small”.

Statement by Poland on combat aircraft

On Tuesday evening, the Warsaw Foreign Ministry said it could bring its MiGs “free and immediately” to the US base in Ramstein, Germany. From there, it was possible to bring Soviet-designed combat aircraft to Ukraine.

At first, the US government was “surprised” by the Polish advance. The Pentagon later described it as not “permanent.”

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Fighter aircraft: a request from Ukrainian President Zelensky

Then Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky demanded the delivery of MiG-29s again. “Make the decision ASAP, send us planes!” Zelensky said in a video posted on his Telegram channel on Wednesday. The US Department of Defense has now rejected the Polish proposal entirely.