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Ukrainian Supreme Leader warns against trench warfare

Ukrainian Supreme Leader warns against trench warfare

More than 20 months after the Russian invasion, Ukrainian commander Valery Zalochny sees his country trapped in trench warfare. The general wrote in an article for the British magazine The Economist that only a technological leap can provide a way out of this situation.

“Trench warfare continues for a long time and entails enormous risks for the Ukrainian armed forces and the state.” Saluzny said that the stalemate on the battlefield only helps Russia compensate for its army’s losses.

He wrote that Ukraine particularly needs aircraft. The lack of air cover is one reason why the Ukrainian ground offensive has made little progress this summer. Kiev can only expect F-16 fighter jets promised from various countries next year.

“Russia should not be underestimated”

The general concluded that improved Ukrainian drones should make up for the shortage of combat aircraft. The key to success in drone warfare is improving electronic warfare to disable and intercept Russian aircraft. Russia is superior on this point. The Ukrainian army also needs to be better equipped to combat Russian artillery positions and clear mines.

“Russia should not be underestimated,” the Supreme Commander wrote. The enemy has lost many of its soldiers, and President Vladimir Putin is reluctant to undertake a general mobilization, but Ukraine is also having problems building reserves. The circle of men subject to military service must be expanded.

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