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Victoria Schnaderbeck: Without awareness there can be no change

Victoria Schnaderbeck: Without awareness there can be no change

The Austrian women’s national football team played in front of an unprecedented, massive backdrop on September 26. 10,051 likes He came to Viola Park in Vienna Austria to support the team against France. The previous record was 3,600. This is an achievement that Victoria Schnaderbeck, a former professional footballer and captain of the Austrian national team, is very happy with. “It’s not just about sports, it’s about social development and rethinking,” she explained during a panel discussion before the football match. Until recently, women were almost invisible in sport, especially in professional football: the public was small, very few people took them seriously as footballers, and there was a great deal of discrimination. “10,000 spectators are crazy. “It’s a moment that many in the association didn’t think was possible,” Schnaderbeck says frankly.

We have to make women visible, give them space to create role models for young girls!

Victoria Schnaderbeck, former professional soccer player

It was not until she was 12 years old that she discovered there was a national women’s soccer team. “When I started playing, there was no girls’ team, there was no media coverage of women’s football, and there were no role models,” she says. In addition, she often played in front of small crowds during her career, and many people were more likely to watch her “because you are a woman and not because you play football.” A lot has changed for the better in the meantime, but there are still many issues that football needs to address when it comes to women. This is for Schnaderbeck Make women visible Key point: “We have to make women visible, give them space and create role models so young girls see what is possible and what they can achieve.”

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Power, money and sexism

The latest, and perhaps biggest, scandal in women’s football was recently caused (again) by a man. Spanish Federation President Luis Rubiales, who has since resigned, kissed world champion Jennifer Hermoso on the mouth after she won the title. “Football is a contact sport, but there are clear limits,” Schneiderbeck emphasizes, adding that this issue is in addition to many other injustices and problems. Not only in relation to sports, But also all other areas of the world of work that Unequal power relations There are no boundaries between men and women.

When harassment or abuse of power occurs, there must be clear consequences!

Victoria Schnaderbeck, former professional soccer player

According to Schnaderbeck, on the one hand, affected people can make a difference themselves by standing up for their rights. On the other hand, coaches, managers and works councils can make changes and support those affected. First and foremost, it is important to have To create awareness of the problemBecause “without this no problem can be solved.” Moreover, those in charge must really look, ask and listen, because she believes that many things are “unseen”, but often overlooked, and sometimes even ignored.

“When something like this happens, it’s bound to happen Give consequences that are clearly stated“, emphasizes Schnaderbeck. Whether in sports or at work, every employer must ask himself how many second chances should be available to someone who abuses his power. In addition, we must ensure that girls and women are protected from such problems and” DrA, sport has a big mission to do because it is far from thatSchnaderbeck says.

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The fight is worth it

In football in particular, women have proven in recent years that fighting for their rights is worth it. “When you fight – even if it seems like the fight will never end – at some point, you will be heard. We did that in football, and Something is happening nowSchnaderbeck says.

It’s not about taking something from someone, it’s about getting new and different perspectives!

Victoria Schnaderbeck, former professional soccer player

The former pro is right, something is going on. The presence of more than 10,000 spectators at a women’s national team football match would have been unimaginable a few years ago. And yes, there has also been movement in terms of wages. But yet they are above everything Men who benefit from this system: They earn much more and hold (almost) all the boss positions, ultimately making all the decisions. “Yes, it might be time to mix it all up – not to take anything from anyone, but to get new and different points of view,” Schnaderbeck asserts.

Men for women

In 2023, if not everyone, most people should realize that women think differently, work differently, and therefore can be an asset to any leadership position. What is sadder in this country Women in executive suites are like a needle in a haystack Seek. It would be desirable and useful for more men to show solidarity with women and fight for their rights. Just this one Kissing scandal in Spain Show how A few of the men who bear responsibility have spoken out as well And clearly on the part of women. This is despite the fact that the public anger was enormous.

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