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Closed due to bankruptcy – a bailout of the Grazer Café floor: the owners wanted it urgently

Closed due to bankruptcy – a bailout of the Grazer Café floor: the owners wanted it urgently

About a month ago, the news of the bankruptcy of Etaj Café caused panic. Especially among, but by no means only, jazz fans, the café on Jakominiplatz was as popular as it was legendary for its relaxed atmosphere and in the summer especially for its hidden terrace. Not affected by the bankruptcy was the STORE JAZZ association, which organized the concerts in the bar – and considers itself “lucky to be one of the three or four major headliners of contemporary jazz in Austria in the best of health”.

The association received “an avalanche of condolences and offers of help from home and abroad,” Ottmar Klammer reports: musicians, agencies, fellow arrangers, pioneers, and friends near and far expressed surprise, regret, or even horror, but also admiration. Hope and trust. That jazz encouraged the word to battle for space.

In the meantime, things are already on track here: the homeowner, Grawe, has already promised that a new lease can be obtained under the “moderate old conditions”. The association was able to buy the entire stock, including stock, right of use and naming rights, cheaply from the bankruptcy estate.

Scene host required

But now you still need someone to “run the store”, that is, to handle gastronomic affairs. And that urgently: on September 23 the new season of Stockjazz should begin – and next year no less than the 30th anniversary of the club’s foundation will be celebrated. Klammer and his team say, “We want to bring this to the traditional stage with the full conviction of the solidarity jazz community. And then we’ll do it for another 30 years. And then we’ll see.” So far the plan. Interested parties can contact [email protected] or phone 0676-31 59551.

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